How to Stick to Daily Bible Reading

“God’s Word is like food for the soul—just as the body cannot thrive without food, the soul will not thrive without the Word.“

So often I forget how important and vital it is to spend time with God in the word. By aligning my desires and goals with His, I make it 10x easier to accomplish His will in my life.

Definitely recommend checking this post out if you’ve ever struggled (like I have) to keep a consistent prayer/quiet time routine. 🙂

Elihu's Corner


Many people begin the year intending to read their Bible in a year, eventually fizzling out around Leviticus or March. Daily Bible Reading is not always easy to maintain as this habit can be upset by dramatic changes to your daily routine. So how do we get into the word and remain in it daily?

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One thought on “How to Stick to Daily Bible Reading

  1. Being a creature of habit, daily prayer/Bible time for me had to become a rigid part of the routine. Morning works best for me, either right before a shower or immediately after. What I do suggest is that we be realistic with available time: don’t cram 20 chapters into one morning, but allow a period to let what we do read sink in and provide whatever message the Divine Author has in mind. It will be much more meaningful if we do what’s necessary to be quiet and relaxed before the day’s work begins.


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