*Controversial Topic Time!!*

This is a controversial topic for Christians and non-Christians alike. Nevertheless, I would like to address this issue and clear up some misconceptions…no matter where you are on the religious spectrum—atheist, apologetic, or a devout follower of Jesus.

After lots of research and prayer, I propose the top 4 Reasons Why Abortion is Wrong.

1. Abortion goes against the Biblical teaching that God shows his unconditional love and grace through suffering—not by helping us avoid suffering.

Articles I’ve read on “Should I Get An Abortion?” ask the reader if the baby will (1) be an obstacle in the woman’s career goals, (2) will change their life for what they think the worse, (3) if the mother is emotionally and physically ready to be a parent, and (4+) multiple other factors that relate to the mother’s life to consider in having an abortion.

As I’ve researched the cases of pro-life and pro-choice perspectives of abortion and read other articles like the one I mentioned above, I’ve found that the biggest rationale for deciding to have an abortion is the belief that the woman’s life would be better without the child.

Any mother you talk to wouldn’t deny that having a baby is difficult and hard work, but(!!) they will most likely also tell you that it is a priceless experience that they wouldn’t trade for the world.

I understand that in some situations, an unexpected pregnancy can be the last thing wanted in someone’s life. There may be problems that would arise from the pregnancy with health, money, relationships, status, etc. and therefore individuals will resort to abortion.

However, I believe that God works through ALL things; that nothing is a coincidence in our lives.

The truth is that we live in a fallen world; a place where sin is rampantly ignored and even encouraged each and every day. However, that doesn’t stop God. This world we live in is not our home, but(!!), it is the place where we can choose whether or not to follow the path to our true home—Heaven.

John Piper addresses it this way:

“When abortionists reason that taking life is less evil than the difficulties that will accompany life, they are making themselves wiser than God who teaches us that his grace is capable of stupendous feats of love through the suffering of those who live.” -John Piper

We can fight the good fight together (see 1 Timothy 6:12), for we know that our God has already won.

2. God commanded: “You shall not murder.” (Exodus 20:13)

Contrary to some belief, the moment conception happens—the fertilization of a female egg and male sperm—the human “zygote” or premature embryo is a living thing. Just because it is in the very, very early stages of life—and is not what we usually classify as “human”—does not make it moral to have an abortion.

Some who argue against this say that abortion and murder are two very different things on the basis that murder is unlawful and abortion is lawful…

[Factoid: Abortion is permitted at some point in the pregnancy or on certain circumstances in every country in the world (except in Malta, Dominican Republic, the Holy See, El Salvador, Nicaragua and Chile where it is always illegal).]

…because of this, some pro-choice activists claim that even though abortion is killing, it is morally okay because it’s legal. However, in Scripture murder was defined long before the world’s civil law was ever written. It transcends the law of man and is defined by the Word and the Law of Nature, of which Paul expands on in Romans. He says:

“When outsiders who have never heard of God’s law follow it more or less by instinct, they confirm its truth by their obedience. They show that God’s law is not something alien, imposed on us from without, but woven into the very fabric of our creation. There is something deep within them that echoes God’s yes and no, right and wrong. Their response to God’s yes and no will become public knowledge on the day God makes his final decision about every man and woman. The message from God that I proclaim through Jesus Christ takes into account all these differences.”    -Romans 2:14-16 (MSG)  

Paul explains in this passage how God has installed good nature in our hearts, allowing us to discern and label what is good and bad around us. Because of this, abortion goes against what God has made his creation to do; it is breaking the very nature of our beings.

3. An embryo/fetus is innocent.

Usually, murder happens because someone has a motive to extinguish the life of the other for something they’ve done, but the basis for killing a baby through abortion is only because they exist. It’s not because it did anything wrong (the fetus doesn’t have an opportunity to), but only because they are alive.

Just because someone may be angry at the world, God, and/or the people around them because they got pregnant, it does not mean they should act upon that emotion alone. God has called us to “Be merciful as your heavenly Father is merciful” (Luke 6:36) and to treat others the way we wish to be treated (the Golden Rule) addressed in Matthew chapter 1 verse 12: “Do to others whatever you would like them to do to you. This is the essence of all that is taught in the law and the prophets.

Just as the Lord can give, He can also take away. Therefore, it is not our job to decide what should come into or out of existence ourselves. In the book of Job, the main character (Job) acknowledges how God has blessed him with much in life (wealth, status, family), but even though all those things are taken away, Job still praises his Heavenly Father. He says, “Naked I came from my mother’s womb, and naked shall I return; the Lord gave, and the Lord has taken away; blessed be the name of the Lord” (Job 1:21). Job’s wisdom in recognizing that the things of this world are temporary is admirable and impressive; he turns to the truth of God’s sovereignty over the temptations of this world over and over again.

4. We are all made in God’s image. 

In the Garden of Eden, “God saw everything that he had made, and behold, it was very good” (Gn 1:31), and “everything” included the first two humans: Adam and Eve. However, when Adam and Eve chose to eat fruit from the forbidden tree (committing sin), they disfigured the image of God within themselves, passing their brokenness and damaged likeness down to all of their descendants. Now, even though all of us have inherited amazing qualities from God, we also bear the scars of skin.

However(!!), when someone commits their life to Christ, that person starts a journey of renewal and transformation; when God redeems them He begins to restore the image of God within them.

So what does the image of God look like?

It’s in the way we use our intellect to write a book, solve a math equation, play the cello, or tell a joke. It’s in the way we have an internal moral compass that helps us define right and wrong, stand up to bullying, praise good behavior or feel guilty in wrongdoing. It’s in the way we cultivate fellowship when we make a new friend, hug our mom, affirm someone with our words or spend time with family. I could go on and on…but the point is that all of these showcase the fact that we are made in the image of God.


Above is a picture of my precious little niece, Brooklyn, that I took on July 4th this past year. Even though Brooklyn is only two, I can already see the incredible ways God has blessed her with various talents and abilities. Brooklyn is funny, curious, sociable, kind, and overall, an incredible example of how we all have God’s qualities in us for we all have been made in His image. I can’t wait to see the amazing woman she is going to become! 🙂

Anytime an abortion occurs, the little zygote/embryo/fetus isn’t blessed with the chance to fulfill who and what they were made to be. They don’t get the chance to learn how to say their first word, ride a bike, drive a car, or love and be loved…and most of all, they don’t get the opportunity to accept Jesus into their hearts and reach their greatest potential.

If you yourself or someone you know well has had an abortion, know that just like any other sin, God will forgive you [Side note: since we are all sinners, we – including me and you – all have sins that need to be forgiven by God]. In 1 John 1:9 it says, “If we confess our sins to him, he is faithful and just to forgive us and to cleanse us from every wrong.” The good news is that our God is merciful and just; He loves us SO much that He will always forgive, and when he does, we will be renewed and transformed.

Disclaimer: I understand that if someone is pro-choice, they may not necessarily want to promote abortion, but just give women the choice to have one. I agree that every person should be able to make that choice (for God has given us free will for a reason) but I disagree that abortion is okay and “not a big deal;” it is a sin.

I would love to talk about what your stance is on this topic, so if you have any questions and/or concerns, feel free to voice them! Direct message me on Instagram (@kalllicharles) or comment on this post 🙂

“May the God of hope fill you with all joy and peace in believing so that by the power of the holy spirit you may abound in hope.” -Romans 15:13

“And now abide in faith, hope, love, these three, but the greatest of these is love.” -1 Corinthians 13:13

Abound in Hope. Abide in Love.

3 thoughts on “*Controversial Topic Time!!*

  1. Eliza M.

    I honestly believe we should let mothers decide what to do with their bodies themselves. It’s none on my business what people choose to do or not to do. If a mother chooses to abort or not abort, it’s her choice; what I do with my body is mine. If I agree or disagree with her, it doesn’t matter, it’s not my place to tell her what to do, especially with her own child.


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